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JCL - What do you mean by inrec and outrec ?

asked mar August 6, 2014 01:40 PM  

What do you mean by inrec and outrec ?


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The INREC & OUTREC statements : These statements are used to reformat the records.

The INREC statement is used before sort to shorten the records by eliminating unwanted fields. This results in faster sorting.

The OUTREC statement is used after the sort to improve readability.

INREC & OUTREC have identical formats:

INREC FIELDS=(nX,position,length,align,...)

OUTREC FIELDS=(nX,position,length,align,...)

The first sub parameter,nX,is optional; it specifies the no. of spaces to be inserted in the reformatted record.
The next two parameters, position & length, specify the field in the input record.
The third sub parameter, align, is optional; the possible values being H, F, and D specify alignment on a half-word, full-word, and double-word boundary respectively.

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