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JCL - What is the purpose of include statement in a JCL?

asked mar August 6, 2014 01:12 PM  

What is the purpose of include statement in a JCL?


1 Answers

answered By Mswami   0  


Use the INCLUDE statement to:

  • Identify the name of the member of a partitioned data set (PDS) or partitioned data set extended (PDSE) that contains a set of JCL statements (such as DD and OUTPUT JCL statements) called an INCLUDE group.
  • Imbed the INCLUDE group in the JCL stream at the position of the INCLUDE statement.

The INCLUDE group replaces the INCLUDE statement, and the system processes the imbedded JCL statements as part of the JCL stream. The JCL statements, which are subject to all JCL processing rules, must be complete statements; that is, you cannot use an imbedded statement to continue the statement that precedes INCLUDE.


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