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JCL - What is the use of the utility DFSRRC00 in the JCL?

asked mar September 4, 2014 12:40 PM  

What is the use of the utility DFSRRC00 in the JCL?


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answered By Mswami   0  

DFSRRC00 is not a utility - it is the batch 'harness' for your batch IMS programs. Batch IMS programs are not triggered by transactions.

DFSRC00 tells JCL that program deals with the IMS. It is not Utility to produce or format output files like SORT do.


Parm passes the parameters from JCL to the utility e.g. whether it is batch or BMP.

&CL1 tells the program name &CL2 tells the PSB used.

The DFSRRC00 Parameters differ depending from the execution environment (BMP, DBB, JMP, ...). The symbols in the JCL might be different at different sites, but the meaning remains the same.

DFSRRC00 Parameters:

&MBR = Program name
&PSB = PSB name
&BUF = Buffers
&SPIE = user SPIE option 0 or 1
&TEST = validity check address 0 or1
&PRLD = Suffix for DFSMPL__ preload option
&CKPTID = Checkpoint ID for restart
&IMSID = System ID
&DBRC = Database Recovery Control
&BKO = Backout Control
'& PARM1'
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