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JCL - Write GDG Create syntax ?

asked mar August 7, 2014 01:14 PM  

Write GDG Create syntax ?


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Defining Generation Data Groups:

 A generation data group is a group of related datasets, usually created in chronological order.  Using a generation data group to control the creation and retention of this type of dataset group greatly simplifies data management.  Before creating the first generation of a generation data group, two steps are required.  First, the generation data group base, which contains the rules for managing the group, is defined using AMS.  Second, a model must be created for the DCB parameters of the individual datasets to be created.

 Model syntax for the DEFINE GENERATIONDATAGROUP command:






    [TO(date)  |  FOR(days)])



LIMIT specifies the maximum number (from 1 to 255) of generations that are to be kept. 

EMPTY specifies that all the generation datasets are to be uncataloged when the maximum is reached and another generation dataset is to be cataloged.  NOEMPTY (the default) specifies that only the oldest generation dataset is to be uncataloged when the maximum is reached.

SCRATCH specifies that the generation dataset's entry is to be deleted from the Volume Table Of Contents when the generation dataset is uncataloged. The generation dataset ceases to exist.  NOSCRATCH (the default) specifies that the generation dataset's entry is not to be removed from the VTOC when the generation dataset is uncataloged.

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