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Manual-Testing - Difference between Equalence class part ion and boundary value analysis?

asked mar August 16, 2014 11:52 AM  

Difference between Equalence class part ion and boundary value analysis?


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Equivalence partitioning
Equivalence partitioning is a Test Case Design Technique to divide the input data of software into different equivalence data classes. Test cases are designed for equivalence data class. The equivalence partitions are frequently derived from the requirements specification for input data that influence the processing of the test object. A use of this method reduces the time necessary for testing software using less and effective test cases.
Equivalence Partitioning = Equivalence Class Partitioning = ECP
It can be used at any level of software for testing and is preferably a good technique to use first. In this technique, only one condition to be tested from each partition. Because we assume that, all the conditions in one partition behave in the same manner by the software. In a partition, if one condition works other will definitely work. Likewise we assume that, if one of the condition does not work then none of the conditions in that partition will work.
Equivalence partitioning is a testing technique where input values set into classes for testing.
Valid Input Class = Keeps all valid inputs.
Invalid Input Class = Keeps all Invalid inputs

Boundary value analysis
Boundary value analysis is a test case design technique to test boundary value between partitions (both valid boundary partition and invalid boundary partition). A boundary value is an input or output value on the border of an equivalence partition, includes minimum and maximum values at inside and outside boundaries. Normally Boundary value analysis is part of stress and negative testing.
Using Boundary Value Analysis technique tester creates test cases for required input field. For example; an Address text box which allows maximum 500 characters. So, writing test cases for each character once will be very difficult so that will choose boundary value analysis.
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