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Manual-Testing - Difference between manual testing and automation testing?

asked mar August 16, 2014 09:18 AM  

Difference between manual testing and automation testing?


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Manual Testing

Automation Testing

Executing the test cases manually without any tool support is known as manual testing.

Taking tool support and executing the test cases by using automation tool is known as automation testing

Since test cases are executed by human resources so it is very slow and tedious

Fast Automation runs test cases significantly faster than human resources.

As test cases need to be executed manually so more testers are required in manual testing.

Test cases are executed by using automation tool so less tester are required in automation testing.

Manual testing is less reliable as tests may not be performed with precision each time because of human errors.

Automation tests perform precisely same operation each time they are run

No programming can be done to write sophisticated tests which fetch hidden information

Testers can program sophisticated tests to bring out hidden information.



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