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Manual-Testing - Difference between SIT and UAT

asked marvit October 14, 2014 12:26 AM  

Difference between SIT and UAT


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System integration testing is testing performed when two systems, generally presumed stable themselves, are integrated with one another. For example, this could be when an inventory management system is integrated with a sales accounting system. Each system feeds into the other.

The goal of systems integration testing is to ensure that the data crossing the boundary between systems is received, stored and used appropriately by the receiving system. Until integration begins, testing of the isolated systems is done on mocked or replayed data and not on "live" data. Integration testing is the final step before customer acceptance testing.


User Acceptance Testing is often the final step before rolling out the application.

Usually the end users who will be using the applications test the application before ‘accepting’ the application.

This type of testing gives the end users the confidence that the application being delivered to them meets their requirements.

This testing also helps nail bugs related to usability of the application. UAT includes two types of testing:-

1.Alpha Testing: Alpha Testing is performed by Client with the presence of Developers,DBA etc at the Developers site.

2.Beta Testing: Beta Testing is performed by Client without the presence of Developers,DBA etc at their own site (Live environmnet)

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