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Manual-Testing - Difference between spiral model and proto type in sdlc?

asked marvit October 14, 2014 12:34 AM  

Difference between spiral model and proto type in sdlc?


1 Answers

answered By arneelwalgro   0  

1.Spiral model is called a meta model.Spiral model is made with the features of Prototype model and Waterfall model.

2.Spiral model takes special care about Risk Analysis. Whreas it is not given importance in Prototype model.

3.Prototype model is suitable when the requirement of the clent is not clear and it is supposed to be changed. It doesn,t cover any risk management. While Spiral model is an enhancement of the prototyping model with so many extra features.Spiral model has the facility of risk analysis and many more.

4.. In spiral model customer interaction continous to move together. in other hand prototype model customer interaction needs till the prototype is approved.

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