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Manual-Testing - Difference between Test Case & Use Case?

asked mar August 19, 2014 12:08 AM  

Difference between Test Case & Use Case?


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Test Case

Use Case

Test cases are the step wise description or activities which are going to be executed in order to validate the application. The test cases will contain the step number, description or activity - what action is going to happen while validation, the input data, the expected result and the actual result. The test cases are written based on the functionality or requirements or the use cases received from the client. Test Cases will be prepared by the Quality Team or the Testing Team.

Use cases are prepared from the Functionality requirement document. Use case will explain how the application will flow. It will describe the Basic Flow, Alternate Flow and Exceptional Flow, how the application will be processed. Use case document will be used as the base document by both the Developers and the Testers. Developers will write the code based on the Use case and Testers in turn will identify test scenarios and write test cases based on the use case. Use will be written by the Business Analysts.

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