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Manual-Testing - Difference between Verification & Validation?

asked mar August 2, 2014 04:48 AM  

Difference between Verification & Validation?


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               Verification is a static practice of verifying documents, design, code and program. It does not involve executing the code.It is human based checking of documents and files.Verification uses methods like inspections, reviews,walkthroughs, and Desk-checking etc.Verification is to check whether the software conforms to specifications.It can catch errors that validation cannot catch. It is low level exercise.It generally comes first-done before validation.


              Validation is a dynamic mechanism of validating and testing the actual product.It always involves executing the code. It is computer based execution of program.Validation uses methods like black box (functional) testing, gray box testing, and white box (structural) testing etc.Validation is to check whether software meets the customer expectations and requirements. It can catch errors that verification cannot catch. It is High Level Exercise.It generally follows after verification.

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