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Manual-Testing - Difference between waterfall model & spiral model?

asked mar August 16, 2014 02:02 AM  

Difference between waterfall model & spiral model?


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Waterfall Model

Spiral Model

It is the simplest and oldest model that is widely used for software development process. 

 It is a software process model that attempts to combine the strengths of various other models. It incorporates the elements of the prototype driven approach alongwith the classic(waterfall model) software life cycle.

It states that phases are organised in a linear order.

This model views it as a spiral process.This is done by representing iterative development cycle as an expanding spiral

Waterfall Model comprises of the following
(1) Information
(2) Software Requirement Analysis.
(3) Design.
(4) Code Generation.
(5) Testing.
(6) Support

Sectors of spiral model:-
(1) Planning(i.e., Determine objectives, Alternatives,
(2) Risk Analysis(i.e., Evaluate alternatives, Identify,
Resolve risk).
(3) Development(i.e., Develop, Verify next-level product).
(4) Customer Evaluation

Low Cost


Simple System


User involvement is in the beginning of the project

User involvement is very high, at each phase of Project



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