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Manual-Testing - For Web Applications what type of tests to do ?

asked marvit October 11, 2014 11:12 AM  

For Web Applications what type of tests to do ?


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answered By cipher   0  

1.Usability testing

2.User acceptance testing

3.Alpha testing-Testing in a development environment by developers.

4.Beta testing- Testing in a deployment or client environment by end users.

5.Performance testing-Performance testing on web applications measures the performance under various scenarios. Performance tests include :-

5.1 .Stress testing-To determine the maximum performance limits of an application.

5.2. .Scalability testing-To find out how adaptable the application is to changes in software and hardware. 5.3Load testing-To get an idea of how the application behaves under a heavy load. This test yields information and details about memory usage, CPU usage, and so forth.

5.4. Security testing-Security testing for your application is very important if data leaks or modifications are unacceptable and intolerable

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