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Manual-Testing - How many functional test cases can write for triangle?

asked marvit October 13, 2014 11:48 PM  

How many functional test cases can write for triangle?


1 Answers

answered By arneelwalgro   0  

Test Case for a Triangle:

1) It must be a closed figure.

2) Check the figure for 3 straight lines.

3) Only 2 sides must be passing throught each vertex.

4) Check that the sum of angles is equal to 180 degrees.

5) Check for 3 corners,where 2 sides join for intersection for each corner.

6) Sum of 2 sides should be more then other.

7) Difference between 2 sides should be less then third side.

8) Check the length of the side and confirm whether it is equilateral,isoceless,scalene traingle.

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