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Manual-Testing - How performance testing can be done manually?

asked marvit October 11, 2014 01:27 PM  

How performance testing can be done manually?


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answered By cipher   0  

1.Use browser plug-ins or online tools to capture page load times.

2.Ask functional testers and/or user acceptance testers to record their opinion about performance while doing their testing. It may be useful to give them a scale to use, such as "fast, acceptable, tolerable, annoying, unusable."

3.Have the developers put timers in their unit tests. These won't tell you anything about the user-perceived response times, but developers will be able to see if their objects/modules/classes/functions/etc. take more or less time to execute from build to build. The same idea can be applied to various resource utilization (like memory and CPU utilization), depending on the skills and/or tools available to the development team.

4.Employ what I frequently refer to as the "hire a bunch of interns method." Basically, get increasing numbers of your co-workers to use the application during a specified period of time and ask them to note both the response time (which is easiest to do using the aforementioned browser plug-ins) and their opinion about the application's performance. (Give them the same scale used for the functional and/or user acceptance testers.)

5.Have special performance builds made with timestamps strategically output to log files. Analyze the log files build after build and track the trends.

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