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Manual-Testing - How to prepare Test data?

asked marvit October 7, 2014 02:10 AM  

How to prepare Test data?


1 Answers

answered By shallu   0  

Preparing test data Insert is the database equivalent of Set Up Fixture , and can be used to populate tables with data quickly. Specify the table name as the first fixture argument, then define the data structure in the second row and specify data in subsequent rows: !|Insert|Users| |username|name| |pete|Peter Pan| |mike|Michael Jordan| The Insert fixture can also return automatically generated columns, such as primary key values. Use a question mark after the column name to specify that a column should be read from the database. You can store the output into fixture symbols for later use:



|pete|Peter Pan|>>user1|

|mike|Michael Jordan|>>user2|

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