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Manual-Testing - How to write scenario for ATM machine and coffee machine?

asked mar August 2, 2014 08:25 AM  

How to write scenario for ATM machine and coffee machine?


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answered By shyam   0  

ATM machine:

    Insert the active/existing card. It should be recognized.

    Insert the card in a wrong side.It should give error message.

    Insert the expired card. should give message it is expired.

    Insert the card with wrong username and password.

  Insert the card with correct username and wrong password in Both cases should     display error message.

    Login  with correct username and password and check for the transfer of 
    money.  If it is transferred fine.

    Transfer the money to a non existing account. money should 
    not be transferred.

For coffee machine:

    Check all the buttons are working i.e. if it is working led 
    should be glowing.

    Pressing button of hot water should give hot water and not 
    cold water.

    When pressed for coffee button should give coffee not tea. 

    Should give a beeping sound when there is insufficient 
    water, or the materials needed for the machine to work like 
    coffee seeds, sugar. 

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