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Manual-Testing - How to write a test case for Email and web address?

asked mar August 21, 2014 02:01 PM  

How to write a test case for Email and web address?


1 Answers

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                                  Test Cases for Email

Lets take Email ID as Local-part@Domain Name
All our test conditions we can divided into two parts,
Positive conditions:
1) Email should contain the Local-Part.
Eg. preeti@yahoo.com
2) Email should contain a Domain Name.
Eg. preeti@yahoo.com
3) "@" symbol should be there in between Local Part and Domain Name.
Eg. preeti@yahoo.com
4) Minimum 1 dot should be there.
Eg. preeti@yahoo.com
5) Maximum 2 dots can be there.
Eg. preeti@yahoo.co.in
6) "underscores" (_) special character can be allowed.
Eg. preeti_kumari@yahoo.com
Negative Conditions:
1) Local Part should not conatin any special characters.
Eg. $$**%%@yahoo.com
2) Domain name not valid. Whether ".com" or ".co.in" must be present
Eg. preeti@gfdgfgfsdg.gfddsg
3) "@" not used in between Local Part and Domain Name.
Eg. preeti&yahoo.com
4) Maximum "dots" (.) exceeded in the domain name - 3 dots.
Eg. preeti@yahoo.co.in.in
5) Domain Name contais special characters.
Eg. preeti@***$$$.com

                                       Test Case for web address

1.) ".com"  or ".co.in" etc should be present in URL. There are various domains present.
2.) Valid URL needs to be enter in Address Bar in IE.
3.) For Invalid URL, page should not be found.
4.) Test cookies by enabling or disabling it.
5.) Test additional Plug in
6.) Expected page should open after entering Valid URL
7.) "Page not Found" error should display after entering invalid URL.

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