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Manual-Testing - How we test an ERP products? and what are the tools avaliable for ERP testing?

asked marvit October 12, 2014 12:48 AM  

How we test an ERP products? and what are the tools avaliable for ERP testing?


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Performance Testing-This tests the ability of the ERP system to perform tasks in the highly demanding areas of an organization's systems. Since an ERP system runs other integrated systems, it is important to test its performance with high data flow and demanding transactions. This test should be done to access the performance of the ERP system operating with a high number of transactions that cannot be accomplished by employees.

Functional Testing-This is the process of testing whether the ERP system offers the solution required for a specific organizational need. Functional testing ensures that all business features are tested, including the software and hardware involved in running the ERP system. For successful functional testing, a precise description of test goals and objectives is important.

Integration Testing-This tests the full integration of the ERP system into the company. Integration testing involves assessment of a real business scenario with the actual people working with the packages. Here the aim is not the system's features, but rather how well the ERP system assimilates into the company's business processes to deliver the expected result.

Automated Testing-This refers to the automation of the manual testing process to create a quicker test process, ranging from configuration to regression testing. Execution of computerized tests is done and compared to the manual test process. It is important for an organization to select suitable automation tools and cover all test processes for successful results.

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