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Manual-Testing - Microsoft Six rules standard for User interface testing?

asked mar August 24, 2014 12:32 PM  

Microsoft Six rules standard for User interface testing?


1 Answers

answered By kpreeti2011   0  
1.Controls should be Initcap (i.e. every label should start with Capital letter )<br>Can observe that in Win applications every label starts with Caps<br>
2. OK or Cancel button should exist<br>
3. Controls should not be overlapped<br>
4. Controls should be aligned properly (left side alignment is mandatory but the right side is optional)<br>
5. Controls should be visible<br>
6. Short cut keys should be provided<br>
7. System menu should exist (i.e. if u press Alt key + Space bar a menu will appear at the left most corner )<br>
8. Mouse pointer events <br>Colors, Label Names, Tab Order, Alignment, graphs , Navigation of the software to test in GUI testing.<br>
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