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Manual-Testing - What are the checklist to review test case?

asked mar September 2, 2014 10:00 PM  

What are the checklist to review test case?


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  • List item 1

Utility Value: The first thing to review in a test case is its utility value. Is this test case required? Is this testing something which has already been covered in some other test case?

  • List item 2

Test Case Objective: When you go through the test case for review, check if you are able to understand the objective of the test case. A good test case should have a single objective.

  • List item 3

Pre-Requisites: Does the test case require any special setup to be done before execution? Is there any action to be taken before-hand?

  • List item 4

Steps: Does the test case contain step wise instructions to be followed for executing the test case?

  • List item 5

Inputs: The test case should clearly specify what values to be given as inputs in the test case.

  • List item 6

Language: The language used in the test case should be simple and unambiguous. There should be no scope for interpreting the test case in any other manner except the desired one.

  • List item 7

Results: A good test case should clearly mention what is the expected result and behaviour of the system. Determination of whether the test passes or fails should be fairly straight forward.

  • List item 8

Clean-up: If the test case has changed the state of the system in such a way that subsequent test cases may get affected, then it should have steps which undo these changes to ensure there is no impact on the subsequently executing tests.

  • List item 9

Dependencies: Does this test case have any dependencies with any other test cases? Are they to be executed before or after this test case? If yes, this too needs to be clearly documented in the test case.

  • List item 10

Documentation: A test case should clearly mention the name of the author, the test case priority (if applicable), and the specific requirement which it tests so as to help in doing traceability to find out the test coverage.

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