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Manual-Testing - What are the differences between v-model and Agile Model?

asked marvit October 7, 2014 01:04 AM  

What are the differences between v-model and Agile Model?


1 Answers

answered By shallu   0  

Agile approaches to achieve working product / application, at the end of each iteration, called sprint. V-model does not contain any iteration approach.

Agile iteration - sprint, contains every phase of software development, i.e. requirement understanding, design, coding, testing

In agile, developer, tester and customer works together on piece of code for application. V-model does not have this concept. In V-model, developer works on designing and coding and testers working on writing test cases and testing the product. There is no concept of "working together" for V-model.

Agile is more suitable for the projects where requirements change rapidly. V-model is suitable where requirement changes are almost none.

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