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Manual-Testing - What are the Level of Severity?

asked marvit October 7, 2014 12:12 AM  

What are the Level of Severity?


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answered By shallu   0  

Severity level: The degree of impact the issue or problem has on the project. Severity 1 usually means the highest level requiring immediate attention. Severity 5 usually represents a documentation defect of minimal impact.

• Critical: the software will not run • High: unexpected fatal errors (includes crashes and data corruption) • Medium: a feature is malfunctioning • Low: a cosmetic issue

  1. Bug causes system crash or data loss.
  2. Bug causes major functionality or other severe problems; product crashes in obscure cases.
  3. Bug causes minor functionality problems, may affect "fit and finish".
  4. Bug contains typos, unclear wording or error messages in low visibility fields.

• High: A major issue where a large piece of functionality or major system component is completely broken. There is no workaround and testing cannot continue. • Medium: A major issue where a large piece of functionality or major system component is not working properly. There is a workaround, however, and testing can continue. • Low: A minor issue that imposes some loss of functionality, but for which there is an acceptable and easily reproducible workaround. Testing can proceed without interruption.

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