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Manual-Testing - What are the levels of testing?

asked mar August 20, 2014 05:56 AM  

What are the levels of testing?


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Levels of testing include the different methodolog ies that can be used while conducting Software Testing .
Following are the mainlevels of Software Testing :
1. Functional Testing 
2. Non-Functional Testing 
1.) Functional Testing
This is a type of black box testing that is based on the specifications of the software that is to be tested. The application is tested by providing 
input and then the results are examined that need to conform to the functionality it was intended for. Functional Testing of the software is conducted 
on a complete, integrated system to evaluate the system's compliance with its specified requirements.
Types of Functional Testing-
a.) Unit Testing
b.) Integration Testing
         - Bottom-up integration
         - Top-Down integration 
c.) System Testing
d.) Regression Testing
e.) Acceptance Testing
         - ALPHA TESTING
         - BETA TESTING

2.) Non-Functional Testing
This section is based upon the testing of the application from its non-functional attributes. Non-functional testing of Software involves testing the 
Software from the requirements which are non functional in nature related but important a well such as performance, security, user interface etc.    
Types of Non-Functional Testing-
a.) Performance Testing 
        - LOAD TESTING
        - STRESS TESTING  
b.) Usability Testing
c.) Security Testing
d.) Portability Testing
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