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Manual-Testing - What is deployment testing ? How it is performed ?

asked mar August 24, 2014 03:48 AM  

What is deployment testing ? How it is performed ?


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The objective of the deployment testing activity is to ensure that the software:
  • can be automatically deployed (including internal/external dependencies)
  • once deployed, that it starts and is activated correctly
The deployment testing activity is an important task within the software development cycle of any project. In  this activity is even more important since the system is entirely based on Web Services technology and all its services are expected to be automatically deployed by the Collective Layer services in any Hosting Node . 
Libraries are usually simple JAR files. Since they don't introduce any deployment constraint they are not submitted to the deployment testing activity.
Portlets rely on Liferay portal to host them. Due to constraints in the communication between portlets, all portlets have to be deployed in the same machine. 
The deployment testing activity foresees the involvement of the following roles:
  • Testers:
responsible for the execution of the deployment tests and to submit deployment test bugs
  • Developers:
responsible for fixing deployment test bugs
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