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Manual-Testing - What is difference between Agile SDLC and TDD SDLC?

asked marvit October 11, 2014 11:16 PM  

What is difference between Agile SDLC and TDD SDLC?


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answered By cipher   0  


  1. define the interfaces out software will adhere to.
  2. Add a test
  3. Run all tests and watch the new one fail (and the rest succeed)
  4. Modify code for fail one
  5. Run again till all succeed
  6. Refactor if needs
  7. Run tests to ensure everything still works
  8. go back to step 1.


  1. It well supports unit tests and having programming paradigm that is bit more flexible in regards to scope changes.

  2. Having unit tests available will make our code more maintainable over the long run is invaluable because we can modify our code without fear such as when we are adding/modifying functionality or refactoring.

  3. It could be considered crucial when we have projects where the scope is likely to change throughout the development lifecycle like in the case where the functional specifications are not clearly defined before we begin producing code.

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