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Manual-Testing - What is localization and globalization testing?

asked marvit October 7, 2014 02:26 AM  

What is localization and globalization testing?


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Localization definition: Localization testing is testing process to validate whether application is capable enough for using in a particular location or country. In this testing localization, testing is to carried out to check the quality of the product for particular locale/culture. To check the quality of translation in localization testing, we should request local staff as well. It is to be carried out to check the localized version of the product, For example: French product for French users. It is also called as “L10N“, because there as 10 characters in between L & N. Let’s see another example of a Zip code field in Sign up form: 1) For globalized, it should allow to enter alphanumeric inputs 2) For localized (country like INDIA), it should allow only numbers in input field. Globalization definition: Globalization Testing is testing process to check whether software can perform properly in any locale or culture & functioning properly with all types of international inputs and steps to effectively make your product truly global. This type of testing validates whether the application is capable for using all over the world and to check whether the input accepts all the language texts. It is also called as “G11N“, because there as 11 characters in between G & N. It ensures that the product will handle international support without breaking functionality. Globalization testing mainly focuses on the functionality of the product with any culture/locale settings and every type of possible international input. It also helps uncover issues that may increase the costs of localization and future product support later on.

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