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Manual-Testing - What is a test scenario? write at least 15 test scenarios for Gmail?

asked mar August 16, 2014 11:25 AM  

What is a test scenario? write at least 15 test scenarios for Gmail?


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Test scenario is the method followed by the tester in which way the application are tested according to the user requirement.
1)    Verify that Gmail page is opening or not.
2)    After Gmail page opens, check whether all the 
options are available in it (Username, password, Stay signed 
in check-box, Sign in tab, Cant access your account hyperlink, Create an account, Need help? hyperlink)
3)    Move the mouse cursor into text boxes (Username and Password). Cursor should change from arrow to 
insert bar.
4)    Verify that valid entry of Username is accepted only.
5)    Enter the user name only and try to login- you 
should get a message-Enter your password.
6)    Enter the password only and try to login, you should 
get a message-enter your email address.
7)    Verify that You tube, Google+, Google Map symbol etc is displaying in the bottom of the page.
8)    Move the mouse cursor over the sign in tab and it 
should glow.
9)    Enter the correct username and incorrect password 
and you should get the message- The username or password you 
entered is incorrect. 
10)    Enter the incorrect username and correct password 
and you should get the message-The username or password you 
entered is incorrect.
11)    The cursor should jump from username box to password 
box by using the Tab key in the computer.
12)    Whenever the cursor lands in either of the text 
boxes, it should get highlighted.
13)    Verify if the login id is working by clicking on 
the sign in button as well as by clicking on Enter key in 
your computer.
14)    Also password should be min 6 character to the 32 
character should accept.
15)    When you click on the Can't access your account, it 
should take you to Google accounts page displaying the 
Email Address- enterable text box, submit tab, forgot your 
username, create a new Google account and try these trouble 
shooting tips- hyperlink.
16)    When you click on the Create an account command 
button, it should lead you to create a Gmail account-Gmail 
17)    All the hyperlinked text should be accessible in the 
Gmail sign in page.
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