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Manual-Testing - What is test scenarios and how to write test scenarios?

asked mar August 16, 2014 12:48 PM  

What is test scenarios and how to write test scenarios?


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answered By kpreeti2011   0  
Test scenario is the method followed by the tester in which way the application are tested according to the user requirement.
Important aspects that designers must follow to write test cases effectively:
•    Get a thorough knowledge of the application
•    Select a strategy for test case writing.
•    Decide on a test case format.
1.    Test case name / ID
2.    Description – unit under test
3.    Pre-requisites – Assumptions that must be made
4.    Test data – the variables and their values
5.    Steps to be followed
6.    Expected results – clearly state the expected outcome of the test
7.    Actual results – record the actual results observed
8.    Status – Pass / Fail
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