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Manual-Testing - What is the big bang approach in integration testing?

asked marvit October 6, 2014 11:38 PM  

What is the big bang approach in integration testing?


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answered By shallu   0  

 In Big Bang integration testing all components or modules are integrated simultaneously, after which everything is tested as a whole.  In this approach individual modules are not integrated until and unless all the modules are ready.  In Big Bang integration testing all the modules are integrated without performing any integration testing and then it’s executed to know whether all the integrated modules are working fine or not.  This approach is generally executed by those developers who follows the ‘Run it and see’ approach.  Because of integrating everything at one time if any failures occurs then it become very difficult for the programmers to know the root cause of that failure.  In case any bug arises then the developers has to detach the integrated modules in order to find the actual cause of the bug.

Suppose a system consists of four modules as displayed in the diagram above. In big bang integration all the four modules ‘Module A, Module B, Module C and Module D’ are integrated simultaneously and then the testing is performed. Hence in this approach no individual integration testing is performed because of which the chances of critical failures increases.

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