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Manual-Testing - What is the chronological order in software testing?

asked marvit October 11, 2014 12:50 PM  

What is the chronological order in software testing?


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answered By cipher   0  

Following is the chronological order of software testing :-

1.Unit testing - testing performed on each module or block of code during development. Unit testing is normally done by the programmer who writes the code.

2.Integration testing - testing done before, during and after integration of a new module into the main software package. This involves testing of each individual code module. One piece of software can contain several modules which are often created by several different programmers. It is crucial to test each module's effect on the entire program model.

3.System testing - testing done by a professional testing agent on the completed software product before it is introduced to the market.

4.Acceptance testing - beta testing of the product done by the actual end users.

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