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Manual-Testing - What is the purpose of test plan in your project?

asked marvit October 6, 2014 11:48 PM  

What is the purpose of test plan in your project?


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answered By shallu   0  

TEST PLAN • The test plan keeps track of possible tests that will be run on the system after coding. • The test plan is a document that develops as the project is being developed. • Record tests as they come up • Test error prone parts of software development. • The initial test plan is abstract and the final test plan is concrete. • The initial test plan contains high level ideas about testing the system without getting into the details of exact test cases. • The most important test cases come from the requirements of the system. • When the system is in the design stage, the initial tests can be refined a little. • During the detailed design or coding phase, exact test cases start to materialize. • After coding, the test points are all identified and the entire test plan is exercised on the software. Purpose of Software Test Plan: • Test Plan Ensures all Functional and Design Requirements are implemented as specified in the documentation. • To provide a procedure for Unit and System Testing. • To identify the documentation process for Unit and System Testing. • To identify the test methods for Unit and System Testing.

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