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Manual-Testing - What is v-model? explain it in detail? Why we call it as v- model not an u-model?

asked marvit October 7, 2014 02:26 AM  

What is v-model? explain it in detail? Why we call it as v- model not an u-model?


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answered By shallu   0  

"V" model cannot be called as a "U" model as V has a significant meaning.

As "V" Stands for "Verification" n "Validation”. So it cannot be called as "U" model

The V-Model is a term applied to a range of models, from a conceptual model designed to produce a simplified understanding of the complexity associated with systems development to detailed, rigorous development lifecycle models and project management models. There are several radically different forms of the V-Model, and this creates considerable confusion. The V-Model falls into three broad categories. Firstly there is the German V-Model "Das V-Modell", the official project management methodology of the German government. It is roughly equivalent to PRINCE2, but more directly relevant to software development The US also has a government standard V-Model, which dates back about 20 years, like its German counterpart. Its scope is rather narrower, being a systems development life cycle model, but far more detailed and more rigorous than most UK practitioners and testers would understand by the V-Model. In the UK, and throughout the testing community worldwide, the V-Model is widely seen as a vaguer, illustrative depiction of the software development process, as described in the ISTQB Foundation Syllabus for software testers.[8] There is no single, accepted definition of this model, which is more directly covered in the alternative article on the V-Model (software development). There are therefore multiple variations of this version. This problem must be borne in mind when discussing the V-Model.

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