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Manual-Testing - Why do you choose Testing as your career?

asked mar August 19, 2014 12:02 AM  

Why do you choose Testing as your career?


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answered By kpreeti2011   0  
1) Testing is the gateway of the Software/Application with quality for whole world or customer. Tester is guard that gateway. If anything erroneous or defective or buggy not going throw that gateway and peoples or users or customers requirements are completely satisfied
2) So this is challenging and prime job task and also testing is not depending on the platform base ( like Java,.Net and other...) so each and every company requiredthe testing professional, skillful peoples. 
3) Companies market depends on there quality. 
4) Testing needs test to break attitude, so i do have this attitude to find more and more defects giving best quality software.
5) I have done B.TECH in Computer science in 2011. In that course, I also studied the "Software testing" book by ---Roger Pressman. In that book, I read the different types of testing. How they are applying the testing phase on software. 
For above fore points, I decided to choose the career in testing.
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