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Manual-Testing - Write test cases on calculator?

asked mar August 2, 2014 09:01 AM  

Write test cases on calculator?


1 Answers

answered By shyam   0  

To verify the all the buttons 
To verify the timer is working or not 
To verify the(+,/,*,-) operations./
To verify the edit option 
When we enter some values in caluculator , whether it is possible to delete the last digit or not
Combination of arithamatic operations working or not
To veriy the data is visible or not
To verify the operation like(when i enter (0-55) the answer should be -55)displayed.
To verify the power on/off
 When we use divide operation the example (like 33/6 then the answer should display quotient not a remainder)
To verify the max and minimum values.
When we enter float values like (1.5, it should be display float value only not a round value =2)
Verify the batteries
To verify the reusable or not
To verify the performance
To verify the storage values
To verify the recovery values(when caluculator get crashed it will be recovery or not)
To verify the comfortability
When we enter 2 values without using eual(=) operator ,it should be display last value
When we press two buttons at a time we verify the caluculator is understandble or not.

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