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Manual-Testing - Write the test cases for Address field, Mobile Number field & Landline Number field ?

asked mar October 6, 2014 11:34 PM  

Write the test cases for Address field, Mobile Number field & Landline Number field ?


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answered By shallu   0  

.Address Field:-1. it should not be a text box, infect it should be a grid as it will accept more characters. 2. IT should accept characters, numbers and few special characters like #,@,/,(,) and - only

--->to be used for giving flat no. like #101,

@ --->if they are giving mail address, / --->and - if they go for door no., (,) --->for writing alias name like sameer (abdul).

  1. Pin code should not be in grid box if it is there we cannot validate it, so it is always advisable to have pin code as next text box to validate because in for no. 2 we have given validation to special characters which is always advisable and we cannot validate here in pin code which will be a mismatch. so always advisable to be as seperate text box , you can view to more no. of application where pin box will be separate.

b Mobile and landline number field? for these both we should have separate individual text boxes.

Mobile Number:-1. it should strictly accept only numerical. and numbers should not be less than 8 digits because the universal code digits for mobile starts from 8 mandatory. 2. all the digits should not be zeros.

landline:- it should be of two text boxes one for code and other for no. and it should strictly accept numerical only. the country no ( should be valid country no.) and land line no. should be correct

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