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OBIEE - What are the uses advantages and benefits of OBIEE ?

asked kiran123 February 8, 2012 09:28 PM  

What are the uses advantages and benefits of OBIEE ?


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answered By SRVMTrainings   0  
There are many benefits / advantages of using OBIEE tool over other. But here we will discuss few of them. 1)Excellent Business Intelligence (BI) functionality built on a unique infrastructure that includes Interactive dashboards, Complex queries, Analysis, quite intelligent deliver and alerting system, financial reporting, Online Analytical processing (OLAP), Presentation, Huge volume reporting in production environment, and integrated with Microsoft. 2) It provides good in depth insight to every one in the organization depending on their role. 3) Unified Business model as it is built on enterprise infrastructure. 4) Integrates very easily with any data source, extraction, transformation, ETL tool, major business application, application server, security, portal, and many other front end tools and also from database side, can integrate with IBM's DB2, Teradata, sql server, SAP business information warehouse BW, flat files, xml etc.., . 5) Customer have flexible change management system, such as leverage the compliance of SOX acts (Sorbanes oxley). 6) Good performance.
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