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Pig - PIG script usage with example

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asked marvit November 23, 2014 06:48 AM  

PIG script usage with examples:


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PIG script usage with examples:

1. DDL Operations

  1. load : refer an input file

    grunt> A = load 'input/sample.txt' using PigStorage() as
    (make:chararray,country:chararray, year:int, sale: int);
    grunt> DUMP A;
  2. Store : Stores or saves results to the file system.

    grunt> B = distinct A; grunt>
    store B into ‘/input/out.txt’ using

2. DML Operations

  1. foreach : Generates data transformations based on columns of data Syntax : alias = FOREACH { block | nested_block }; where, alias = The name of relation (outer bag).

    grunt> X = FOREACH A GENERATE make,$2;
    grunt> DUMP X;
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