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Pig - Word Count program in PIG?

asked marvit January 26, 2015 10:53 PM  

Word Count program in PIG?


3 Answers

answered By marvit   0  

-- Load input from the file named Mary, and call the single

-- field in the record 'line'.

input = load 'mary' as (line);

-- TOKENIZE splits the line into a field for each word.

-- flatten will take the collection of records returned by

-- TOKENIZE and produce a separate record for each one, calling the single

-- field in the record word.

words = foreach input generate flatten(TOKENIZE(line)) as word;

-- Now group them together by each word.

grpd = group words by word;

-- Count them.

cntd = foreach grpd generate group, COUNT(words);

-- Print out the results.

dump cntd;

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answered By marvit   0  

A = load '/home/accure/shamshad/input.txt';

B = foreach A generate flatten(TOKENIZE((chararray)$0)) as word;

C = group B by word;

D = foreach C generate COUNT(B), group; store D into './wordcount';



To run this pig script:

pig -x local /home/accure/shamshad/accure.pig

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answered By Experts-976   0  

Word Count program in PIG?

text= LOAD ‘text.txt’ USING TextLoader();
tokens=FOREACH text GENERATE FLATTEN (TOKENIZE($0)) as word;
wordcount = FOREACH (GROUP tokens BY word) GENERATE group as word, COUNT_STAR($1) as ct;
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