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QlikView - How do you optimize QV Application?

asked SRVMTrainings November 18, 2014 11:41 PM  

How do you optimize QV Application?


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answered By rgv   0  

Qlikview application can be optimized by created the data into qvd’s .when whole qvw application is changed to qvd .this qvd will be stored in the ram . We use synthetic keys,circular references etc to optimize the qlikview application.

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answered By SRVMTrainings   0  
Merge tables to reduce joins at run time, create flatter structure at load time.

Optimize QV in UI/Application level
a) Try to avoid no of macros
b) Try to implement or use all complex calculation in script level not in UI
c)Avoid same charts in different tabs

Optimization in script level
a) Avoid synthetic keys and circular loops
b)use QVD’s
c)try to use star schema instead of snowflake schema
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