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QlikView - Important Functions in qlikview?

asked SRVMTrainings July 2, 2014 12:44 PM  

Important Functions in qlikview?


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1.Mapping and Apply Map: Mapping: Syntax: mapping(load statement/select statement) mapping load * inline [ x, y us, usa u.s, USA America, USA ]; i)Mapping prefix to load or select statement is used to mapping certain ‘ field values’ or expression to the values in the first column of mapping tables. A mapping table contains one or two columns, the first containing comparison values and the second contain the desired values. They store temporarily in memory and dropped automatically after script execution. ii) Sometimes you need to add an extra field to a table or you want field to clean up data structure. In that cases mapping loads are used. In case of combination of fields from different tables also we use mapping tables. This function comes with combination of * map…. Using * un map * Apply Map( ‘map name’, expr[default statement]) *map sub string(‘map name’, expr) Map …. Using ex. map country using cmap (enables mapping of field country using map cmap) Un Map Ex. un map country (disables mapping of field country) Apply map: Syntax: Apply Map( ‘map name’, expr[default statement]) ex. map1: Mapping load * inline [ x, y 1, one 2, two 3, three ]; Applymap(‘map1’,2) returns 2 Applymap(‘map1’,5,’xxx’) returns xxx Applymap(‘map1’,5, NULL) returns NULL It is used for mapping any expression to a previously loaded mapping table. Map Sub String: used to map part of exp to a previously loaded mapping table syntax. mapsubstring(‘mapname’ expr) ex. map1: mapping load * inline [ x, y 1, aa, XYZ x, b ] ; MapSubstring ('map1', 'A123') returns 'A23' MapSubstring ('map1', 'baaar') returns 'bXYZar' MapSubstring ('map1', 'xaa1') returns 'bXYZ'
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