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QlikView - Types of CALS how do you assign them?

asked SRVMTrainings July 2, 2014 12:45 PM  

Types of CALS how do you assign them?


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To connect a Qlikview server (QVS) each client needs a CAL(client access license) The CAL’s are purchased with Qlikview Server and tied to the server serial number. A CAL is never transformed to the client but a client uses the CAL when connecting to the server. Cal Types: 1.Named User CAL: Named CAL can access all the documents 2.Document CAL: Document CAL can access particular document 3.session CAL: A session allows any user identified or anonymous/unidentified on one QV client to access many QV documents as may reside on the server 4.Usage CAL: allows any user to access only one QV document residing on the server
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