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QlikView - What are the charts and uses?

asked SRVMTrainings July 2, 2014 12:45 PM  

What are the charts and uses?


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1. Bar Chart: Comparison of similar measurements Ex. a) Actual vs budget- money to money. Quarter to Quarter b) Time to Time c) Top N- categorized values(sales reps, customers etc) avoid: comparisons with different units( $ and Qty) 2. line chart: measurements to follow its moments or comparisons among items Ex. a) Performance trends- amount of moment over time b) Two Dimension comparisons- Annual comparisons over month 3. Combo Charts: Comparisons for multi measurements Ex. Two measurements- currency amount and quantity or amount percentage two axis- different measurements on left and right axis two or more axis: split axis horizontally 4. Radar chart: comparisons of high level groups one or two measurements- sales and profit avoid- a dimension with many values 5. Guage chart: Ratio of measurements a)Percentages- margin,quota achieved, year-tot b) Date vs last YTD. Avoid: actual amounts 6. Mekko chart: Data using variable width bars a) 3D measurement chart- Amount, Quantity and no. of customers b) market analysis. 7. Scatter Chart: Measurement acts as dimensions(3D Chart) a) 3D measurement chart- Amount, Quantity and no. of customers b)map chart- see sales on Geographical map 8.Grid Chart: 2 or 3 Dimensions with a measurement a)multi-cross dimensional measurements b)amounts over- region and product and over time 9.Pie Chart: Visual Distribution measurements Ex.a) what contributes how to the whole- regional sales b)yes/no analysis 10. Funnel chart: Dimension that contain an expiration time line Ex.a)how much is the most aging element b)Sales opportunities c)Product Inventory Expressions 11.Block chart: Distribution measurements within multi dimensions Ex.a) what contributes how to whole and within each segments b)sales contribution per country 12. Straight Table: one dimension with multiple measurements Ex.a)KPI overview- cyclic group dimensions with sales Qty , margin b) sort in any no of columns(no grouping) 13. Pivot table: multi dimensions with one or more measurements a) grouping of dimensions b) Dimensions across the table and displaying sub totals First sorted value: It returns the first value of expression sorted by corresponding sort weight. Sort weight should be a numeric value. Uses: a) Get the latest field value based on time stamp b) bigger customer for each product category c) Find the min/max values and extract related field d) Compare highest and second value e)look up min/max value with in range
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