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QlikView - What is Synthetic key and how to avoid it in QlikView

asked SRVMTrainings February 17, 2015 08:30 AM  

What is Synthetic key and how to avoid it in QlikView


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answered By Sathish Etukala   0  Best answer

synthetic key is a data modeling issue in QLIKVIEW, we will get when we have more than one column common between two tables, at that time QLIKVIEW creates one separate table in the data model with the name $SYN and contains the common columns.

we have solution resolving synthetic keys:

1. commenting a column 
2. aliasing a column using as key word
3.using auto number
4.using qualify and unqualify key words
5.keep functionality
6.link tables
7 concatenate
8.joins Etc 

s reddy

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answered By siva   0  
if two or more tables having more than one common column between them is called synthetic keys. we can remove synthetic keys by using following ways.
1.by using joins,2. concatenations 3.qualify 4.link table 5. alias or as. 

if the filed is not required in UI we can comment the filed..
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answered By   0  

In two or more tables more than one common field is there synthetics keys will be formed: we can remove in the following ways 1.commenting 2.rename 3.join 4.Qulify 5.linktable 6.concatenation

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