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QTP - Differentiate the two Object Repository Types of QTP?

asked marvit August 26, 2014 04:11 AM  

Differentiate the two Object Repository Types of QTP?


1 Answers

answered By Dharma   0  
Local Object Repository(LOR)   
  1. This Object Repository is available one for each action.   
  2. This is the OR that is available for each tests by default.   
  3. Local Object Repository is Editable in Object Repository.   
  4. It is NOT a standalone file that can edited.   
  5. It is Saved with an Extension .bdb   
  6. It Should be used when not many tests are working on the same screens of the application under test.    

Shared Object Repository (SOR)
  1. This type of OR is available for multiple tests and for multiple actions.
  2. This type of OR is usually used in frameworks considering reusuability and maintainability.
  3. Shared Object Respository is read only by default but can be edited in Object Repository Manager.
  4. SOR is a standalone file that can be edited easily.
  5. SOR is saved with an extension .tsr
  6. SOR Should be used when there are different scripts interacting with the same type of the object.
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