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QTP - Explain QTP Testing process ?

asked marvit August 19, 2014 01:50 AM  

Explain QTP Testing process ?


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answered By Dharma   0  
 QTP Testing process.
Create Test Plan / Preparing for Recording

Test steps, Input Data and other items to be verified are prepared in this stage, the application environment needs to be analysed cause we need to load QTP add-ins to enable the QTP identify and test for the application.
In this stage, recording the action of the application takes place and recorded in the form of VB scripts, some types of recording are,
Context Sensitive Recording
Analog Recording
Low level Recording
Inserting Checkpoints into the search helps to find a specific value, object, text string. It also helps to identify whether you are testing the application correctly or not.
Adding Parameters helps to check whether the application performs the same operations with multiple set of datas.
Logical, conditional and loop statements can also be added to enhance your test.
Debugging, Running and Analysing the test
Debugging is done to ensure that the application is operating smoothly without interruption.
Running the application is done to check the behavior of the application, here the QTP opens the application and performs each step in the test.
Analysing the test results is done to identify the defects in the application. The results can be viewed in the Test Results window.
Reporting defects
The defects can be reported directly if the Quality Center (QC) is installed in the system. The defect reporting can be done automatically or manually from the Test results window.
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