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QTP - How many types of checkpoint in QTP? explain

asked marvit August 26, 2014 04:05 AM  

How many types of checkpoint in QTP? explain


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answered By Dharma   0  
The checkpoint can be added while recording the application or it can be added after the recording is completed using Active screen (For adding Checkpoint after recording the Active screen must be enabled while recording)
Once the checkpoint is added, the QTP adds a checkpoint to the current row in keyword view and adds a check checkpoint statement to the expert view.
The types of checkpoint are,

    Standard Checkpoint

The standard checkpoint checks the object property values in an application or a webpage.
It checks objects like Radio buttons, combo boxes, images, Tables, Web page properties, links etc.
The Table checkpoint can be used to check all the values in the table, it can be created by inserting standard checkpoint on the table.
The page checkpoint can also created by inserting standard checkpoint on the object, the page check point can be used to check the time taken to load a webpage.

    Bitmap Checkpoint

The Bitmap checkpoint can be used to check an area of a webpage or an application as a bitmap. It checks that particular area by pixel to pixel comparison between actual and expected images.

    Image Checkpoint

The Image checkpoint is used to check the properties of an image in the application or a webpage like verifying the selected image source file is correct or not.
The difference between Bitmap checkpoint and Image checkpoint is in Bitmap Checkpoint we can check the images on pixels basis where in Image checkpoint it cannot be done.

    Text Checkpoint

The Text checkpoint is used to check the expected text from an application or a web page. It can be a specific region or a small portion of the text displayed.

    Accessibility Checkpoint

The Accessibility checkpoint checks the areas of the web page that may not conform to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

    Database Checkpoint

The Database checkpoint is used to check the database accessed by the application.
This checkpoint creates a query during record time and the database values are stored as the expected values. The same query is executed during run time and the actual & expected values are compared.

    XML Checkpoint

The XML checkpoint checks the data content of XML documents in XML files or XML schema related to the webpage.
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