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QTP - How to call .vbs functions in QTP?

asked marvit August 23, 2014 01:20 AM  

How to call .vbs functions in QTP?


1 Answers

answered By Dharma   0  
There is a framwork where you keep your all files (scripting) After defining functions.
  • Go to File-->Settings---> there will be (+) sign and browse (there give te file path)
  • you can check you are on the way or not by clicking on giving two options just blow, afte click on 2nd option you will find a message (valid or not)and then press "ok"
  • go to your QTP and write function name to which you are going to call remember function shhould be in that file you have set path for which?
  • as you will write function name and give a space this will ask you fr arguments.
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