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QTP - How to open an application through scripting?

asked marvit August 19, 2014 12:16 AM  

How to open an application through scripting?


1 Answers

answered By Dharma   0  

  1. Create a “” object.
  2. Use the “run” object to launch the application. If the path to your executable contains spaces, use Chr(34) to ensure the path is contained within double quotes.
  3. When done, set the shell object to nothing to release it.


Dim oShellSet oShell = CreateObject ("")'
  'Example 1 - run a batch file: "F://jdk1.3.1/demo/jfc/SwingSet2.bat"
  'Example 2 - run a Java jar file: "java -jar F://jdk1.3.1/demo/jfc/SwingSet2/SwingSet2.jar"
  'Example 3 - launch Internet Explorer:
  oShell.Run Chr(34) & "C://Program Files/Internet Explorer/IEXPLORE.EXE" & Chr(34)
  Set oShell = Nothing
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