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QTP - Using Object Repository is a advantage or disadvantage?

asked marvit August 27, 2014 01:39 AM  

Using Object Repository is a advantage or disadvantage?


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answered By Dharma   0  
The advantages of having an OR

  1.     Sync with GUI front end of the application.
  2.     Highlight capability makes easier to Cross check.
  3.     During it is very easy to identify which object gets changed.
  4.     If it stores with logical name of the object,it is extremely easy to maintain the OR file.
  5.     Scripts are untouched if the object property gets changed.we need to check the OR file thatÂ’s it!!
  6.     Modern scripting tools allows to modify the OR file separately.

The disadvantages having an OR:

  1.     you need to check out the file size. Please read here for more details
  2.     Object conflict may occur when adding individual OR files.
  3.     Sometimes extra objects get added and it makes the OR file heavy in size.
  4.     The OR files are private to the scripts.So concurrent update to the file is not possible
  5.     It became overhead while developing large projects.
  6.     Even though i like to use OR..but i can not say descriptive programming is not required. Can you???
  7.     There are many a things which can not be recorded. like-Sub Menu,Objects changing its position
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