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QTP - What are accessibility check point and xml check point?

asked marvit August 20, 2014 02:40 AM  

What are accessibility check point and xml check point?


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answered By Dharma   0  
Accessibility checkpoint

This checkpoint is supported only when the web add-in is available and loaded. It checks or recognizes if the areas on a website conform to WWW consortium Web accessibility guidelines.

It can be added while recording or editing through active screen.

The properties that we can check based on the accessibility checkpoint are:

    Active X check
    Alt property check
    Applet check
    Frame titles check
    Multimedia check
    Server side Image check
    Tables check

The tester has an option to check for one or more of the properties in the above list

XML checkpoint:

By adding XML checkpoints to your test, you can check the contents of individual XML data files or documents that are part of your Web application.

    You can perform checkpoints on XML documents contained in Web pages or frames, on XML files, and on test objects that support XML.
    An XML checkpoint is a verification point that compares a current value for a specified XML element, attribute and/or value with its expected value.
     When you insert a checkpoint, QuickTest adds a checkpoint step in the Keyword View and adds a Check CheckPoint statement in the Expert View.
    When you run the test, QuickTest compares the expected results of the checkpoint to the current results. If the results do not match, the checkpoint fails.

You can create three types of XML checkpoints:

    XML Web Page/Frame Checkpoint. Checks an XML document within a Web page or frame.
    XML File Checkpoint. Checks a specified XML file.
    XML Test Object Checkpoint. Checks the XML data for an object or operation.
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